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Thotakura Vepudu – Amaranth Leaves Stir-Fry Greens hold a special place in my kitchen, though I have a tough time getting Nehal overcome his aversion to eating greens. Thotakura/Amaranth is one of my favourite greens as it is versatile and can be used in various preparations like Amaranth stir-fry, Dal, Pakoda and also Parathas. You can eat the whole bowl of this Amaranth leaves Stir fry even without any rice or chapathi. • Chickpea flour - 1 cup. This is my second recipe for Thotakura after Thotakura Pappu.This is my husbands favourite recipe since it has been passed down from his mom to me. When I was in elementary ( yes that long... ago, still remember the taste of this recipe) there's a nice couple (Rajani aunty & Madhu Uncle) who were our first tenants in our home. Today I am blogging my MIL's recipe which is very tasty and can be a side dish with plain rice, and roti. The famous and easy to make thotakura vepudu is ready to be served. • Ginger garlic paste - ½ tablespoon. How to Make Alugadda Thotakura Fry Recipe in Telugu. Playing next. Report. Its very easy and can be completed in very less time. The pressure cooked dal is mashed and tempered with garlic and other seasoning ingredients. Thotakura Podi Koora (Paruppu Keerai Poriyal Recipe or Amaranth Curry) is a very simple dry curry using lentils. Yep tastes that good! THOTAKURA CHICKEN FRY/AMARANTH LEAVES AND CHICKEN FRY INGREDIENTS: Chicken – ¼ kg – cleaned, Amaranth leaves – cleaned and finely chopped – 2 cups, Dry red chili – 4, Crushed coriander seeds – 1 tsp, Red chili powder – 1 tsp, Turmeric powder – a pinch, Salt for taste, Scrapped coconut – ½ cup, Oil for frying, What I usually do is camoflauge a greens stir fry dish with some grated cheese and tomato sauce and prepare a … Add required salt. Healthy Mango dal cooking In Telugu తోటకూర మామిడి పప్పు. Thotakura Pesara Pappu Fry Recipe with step by step instructions.తెలుగు వెర్షన్.. • Hing - 1 pinch. Report. Add thotakura/amaranthus and mix it well. Ingredients used in Thotakura Masala • Green chillies, finely chopped - 1 tablespoon. Browse more videos. 3:15. Thotakura Fry Andhra style is a simple stir-fry recipe made with fresh amaranth leaves. Thotakura (Amaranth or Maath) is absolutely one of my favourite leafy vegetables.It is very versatile and can be cooked in so many different ways to make a variety of curries and stews. Fry until the raw smell is gone. Andhra thotakura vepudu with a sprinkling of roasted and crushed peanuts, red chillies, garlic cloves and grated coconut is just smashingly good!Red amaranth leaves fry can be served as a healthy leafy side dish with rice.. Thotakura Fry Andhra Style. TIPS to make perfect Thotakura Tomato Curry: Always leafy vegetables must be washed in water to remove chemicals or foreign particles. Home » How to cook, How to prepare, How to Make, Thotakura Coconut And Peanut Fry Recipe » Thotakura Coconut And Peanut Fry Recipe Thotakura Coconut And Peanut Fry Recipe . To make this aloo thotakura you can use boiled potatoes or roast the potatoes till fully cooked and then add spinach. your own Pins on Pinterest Amaranth leaves fry - Thotakura fry have have fiber and more iron and calcium. About: Amaranth is a vegetable which is rich in minerals and vitamins. We can cook this recipe in a pressure cooker but the output may be mushy so that option best suits when we add dal. I am sending it to Vani from Batasari, the host of Weekend Herb Blogging started by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen. This is definitely an easy recipe for beginners. Jun 23, 2017 - 50+ Collection of South Indian Dry Vegetable Sabzi from TamilNadu Poriyal Recipes, Andhra Koora Recipes, Kerala Thoran Recipes, Karnataka Palya Recipes & more. • Thotakura (amaranth) leaves, finely chopped - 3 bunch. Oct 6, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by neeraja vullur. • Oil - to fry. Sprinkle little water and cover it. Browse more videos. .Andhra style Dondakaya fry recipe with step by step instructions.తెలుగు వెర్షన్.. Add 2 split red chillies and fry for a few seconds. 0 41 Less than a minute. For example, you could make Thotakura Vepudu, a simple stir-fry, or then Thotakura Pappu, a dal.. Today, I am writing about Thotakura Ava Pettina Pulusu, a stew. small lemon sized tamarind (soak in a cup of warm water and extract) 1-2 tsps jaggery or sugar. Green leaves are very rich in fiber and eating this benefits us for easy digestion and good proteins. Notes: Thotakura vepudu is served with rice during lunch or dinner, popular in combination with rasam. Dry aloo thotakura recipe: A quick healthy spinach potato dry curry that goes well with rice or chapathi. Add onion and tomato one after the other. 6:43. Playing next. Thotakura or Amaranth leaves are considered the king of leafy vegetables, it has high protein and iron content, its a power pack of carbs, vitamins and minerals, has many health benefits. Great recipe for Amaranth leaves Stir fry (Thotakura fry). Its anti-oxidants and dietary fiber. The greens would leave enough water to cook. Thotakura Vepudu ~ Amaranth Leaves Stir-Fry This is one of the recipes that reminds me the flavor from my childhood days. admin January 7, 2020. Amaranth leaves fry - Thotakura fry is very healthy recipe. This is a very nutritious and healthy recipe and it needs very little oil. Try the recipe and have it for lunch. • Chili powder - ½ tablespoon. Fry them till they become mushy. Add mustard, jeera and split red chillies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Thotakura Vepudu - Amaranthus Fry Preparation in Telugu Vantalu. Let it cook for 5 to 10 minutes.This vegetable cooks very fast, so keep an eye on it. Saute it well, and add salt, turmeric powder. This recipe requires no blending of spinach,no garam masala needed.As simple as any vegetable stir fry. Add finely chopped greens. Then, put the stove in simmer position and let it fry for 2 – 3 more minutes. • Sesame seeds - 1 tablespoon. Source: My Mother-In-Law Thotakura Fry Andhra style is a simple stir-fry recipe made with fresh amaranth leaves. Thotakura Pesara Pappu Fry Recipe with step by step instructions.This is a very quick and easy method of cooking Amaranthus/Thota Kura.Amaranthus ..... Veg Recipes Indian Food Recipes Ethnic Recipes Indian Foods Recipies Indian Vegetarian Dishes Vegetarian Cooking Tindora Recipes Roasted Peanuts Andhra thotakura vepudu with a sprinkling of roasted and crushed peanuts, red chillies, garlic cloves and grated coconut is just smashingly good!Red amaranth leaves fry can be served as a healthy leafy side dish with rice. Aug 1, 2016 - Thotakura Fry andhra styke recipe, learn how to make thotakura iguru or podi kura a tasty fried version with sesame seeds which suits better for chapathi. As the mustards splutter, add finely chopped garlic pods. • Salt - to taste. 2015-09-23 Amaranth or Thotakura Fry Recipe is a healthy and tasty side dish that tastes good with hot rice. This is a traditional recipe which i used to relish always. As our version is curry we have added tomatoes and added few spices to taste. By . As a side dish for steamed rice, this makes a wonderful meal. Veg Fry Curries Thotakura Aratikaya Fry Recipe in Telugu. Thotakura Fry - Amaranthus Fry. Reduce the flame to medium. Thotakura can be cooked with dals/lentils, can be stir fried or just sauted with light seasoning. Thotakura Pulusu is a typical Pappu from Andhra made with greens and toor dal. Please refer to the recipe for serving and time to cook details. Amaranth leaves fry - Thotakura fry when included regularly in our diets, will keep the insulin levels under control. In a pan, heat oil. Amaranthus is rich in iron,it is cooked with combination of mango and toordal very healthy and tasty with rice,try this special dal recipe. Add finely chopped onion and fry until translucent. Amaranth are known as thotakura in Telugu. Get recipes, tips, and news delivered to your inbox. Increase in servings might impact the cooking time. Thotakura Fry Recipe in Telugu తోటకూర ఫ్రై ఈ విధంగా చేసుకుంటే చాలా రుచిగా ఉంటుంది These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Serving is calculated as per the quantity mentioned in the recipe. Discover (and save!) Stir well.

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